Looking for player-made guides and manuals

We’re planning some new guides to Barotrauma, and it would help us a lot to read guides made by you (even if they may be outdated in some ways with regards to the Steam version). So if you know of a nifty player-made guide that you think might be helpful, to new players in particular, please post it here! Advanced manuals are of course very welcome too.
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Re: Looking for player-made guides and manuals

All I could share would be the piss-poor old guides I made years ago:
The one about Mechanics:
https://undertowgames.com/forum/viewtop ... 73#p106373
A short list of meds, outdated obvs, it misses sufforin and chloromydride:
https://undertowgames.com/forum/viewtop ... 88#p106688
And young me testing out ye olde husks, some stuff might still be correct though, but I doubt it:
https://undertowgames.com/forum/viewtop ... 24#p110024

That's all I can provide, I haven't contributed much more.

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Re: Looking for player-made guides and manuals

Here’s my tips/guide I didn’t include captain engineer or mechanic cause its pretty self explaintory

Ruin exploration guide:
1. Always bring a pocket sonar, there are sometimes multiple artifacts in a ruin and this thing will point you to the right one. Also keep it on passive if you want a map of the surronding area.
2. Bring a cutter (kinda obvious)
3. If you are not above a cliff i suggest nuking the place In order to open it up and let out any guardians which you then can shoot. (Dont do if the ruins have a drop beneath it becuase if you die your corpse and possibly the artifact will drop and you have to swim down or drive down, and god help you if it falls in the abyss which has happened to me and it sucks)

Doc guide
2. Health HUD aka Med HUD is your best tool, if you think there maybe be a husk infection put this bad boy on in the same spot as your radio. When you hover your cursor over people it will display important data (including if there infected even if they have just been infected)
3. Bleeding: if your Med HUD says someone is bleeding inject them with fibrozine ASAP, bleeding can force you to fully give in VERY fast if its bad enough and prevents you from reviving people
4. Not breathing: occasionally Med HUD will say someone is not breathing when there on the ground unconscious this means two things first inject them with enthrozine or liquid oxy asap (I’m told CPR Has a 25% chance to save them but I’m not sure) also some one just tried to murder them as this is usually caused when some one puts a Mask with a welder tank so they are priority number 1 as they will tell you who did it
5. You dont have med HUD but you found some one unconscious: if they have health still try cpr if it doesn’t work in the first few seconds inject with enthro or liquid Oxy. If they dont have any health preform CPR if little blood splatters occur when doing so they are bleeding so fix that once that is done inject them with corrgione and they should be good to go.
6. Liquid oxy: this stuff is GOLD if your sub has some do not carry around a Mask this stuff is just as good and lasts a long time. IMPORTANT: only use one injection either on your self or a unconscious guy at a time as more then one will start to kill you or your friend VERY fast.

1. Stun dont kill (yet). Its better to interrogate to see if they actually had a good intention or if it was a accident before murdering them (I’m talking to 90% of players here). But if everyone is saying kill this fool do not hesitate
2. Always and i mean imprison over kill. GRefiers are real people and by killing them you give them a second chance. If your playing on Sodium.me where it tells you if you killed the Rebel kill over imprison as that way they respawn as helpful people

Hope this helped

Doc apoligize to people you failed to revive if possible so they dont give you crap later

Edit 2:
This is for Rebels on Sodium.me (there Job is to destroy sub not just kill one guy)

This one is the fun one
1. Lure a guard into your cabin and use Choral hydrate to knock him out take his keycard and murder him however you deem nesscary. (Its possible to skip this step depending on the sub) (this is so u can get around easier and get in rooms to place bombs)
2. Steal as much compound N and flash powder as possible and take it your MED Fab and craft violtile compound N aka a bomb with a long timer. all you have to do is drop it where you please (remember the timer starts as soon as its crafted)
3. Sit back realax and enjoy the panic of your victims wondering what the heck is going on

1. Kill captain with no one noticing and make sure is card is disposed of just to be safe if you dont need it to get to command
2. Weld your self into command and drive into every creature and wall you can find (its quite fun)

Same as security but easier

1. Your power is underestimated
2. Go to engines and dewire anything thats not in the power slot
3. Access the engine set force to 100% (or negative 100%) and crash the sub
4. Your job is not done as this can be fixed quickly and u have limited control
5. In the panic start dewiring all junction boxes
6. At this point you can basically just cut through all the walls or do any destructive activity you deem appropriate

If you ever get your hands on Husk eggs
1. Grab one and inject all of it into yourself the run away so no one knows
2. Grab as many meds as possible and destroy any cure you can find in the deconstructor
3. Wait till the infection has reached its final stage
4. Go grab a diving suit with the infection in its final stages you no longer need to worry about oxygen
5. Flood the sub in anyway you can so there stuck in your new element
6. Inject your self with a crap ton of Auxilorone as this stuff last a while and can be used as a self revie
7. Fun time
8. Infect EVERYONE (Doctors are priority #1 as there Med huds can reveal infection)
9. Laugh like a maniac
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Re: Looking for player-made guides and manuals

Xeno wrote:
Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:49 pm
Holy crap.

Injecting all husk eggs isn't a good idea that is a total waste of griefer fuel. Also health scanner is only super useful in legacy for husk infections at stage 2 - can't detect husks who can still talk.

Erythrozine is crap use oxygenite, especially on people with sufforin. If I recall the toxin damage is nonexistant.

CPR is king as medic. If bleed is lower than 0.5 instant revive chance is medical skill/2 (per chestbump)

Killing a griefer gives them a cruise missile - I agree. Should really be the admins' jobs though to deal with griefing.
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Re: Looking for player-made guides and manuals

randymagic241 wrote:
Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:27 am
Xeno wrote:
Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:49 pm
Holy crap.

Injecting all husk eggs isn't a good idea that is a total waste of griefer fuel. Also health scanner is only super useful in legacy for husk infections at stage 2 - can't detect husks who can still talk.
Well the whole point of being a rebel is to grief the sub, so I find it the best to only inject your self so people are less likely to notice and then u can infect people by hitting R which is a lot harder to notice when the lights are out cause the reactor is flooded and people are panicking to fix stuff.

Also thanks for CPR info
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Re: Looking for player-made guides and manuals

randymagic241 wrote:
Sun Apr 07, 2019 5:06 pm
People with husk appendages aren't hard to notice at all to the keen eye, and infecting lots of people will probably sow more chaos at once.
Yes the husk thing is easy to notice regularly but if you put on a suit it is harder to notice as the helmet part takes up a larger area meaning the appendage has less area exposed to the eye reducing the chance of someone noticing but also you don’t have to worry about pressure and thanks to the husk infection you no longer need to worry about air so if something unexpected happens you don’t need to worry
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Re: Looking for player-made guides and manuals

Okay I’m editing the guide on how to rebel on smooth trauma as security or captain (remember Rebel is a custom system smooth trauma has where you SUPPOSED to destroy the sub) becuase driving into stuff honestly does not work.

1. if your captain demand a stun stick from security
2. grab cutter and welder
3. weld airlock shut
4. Steal rod from reactor when no one is looking
5. find a ideal room (a room bordering the out side and no suits)
6. Weld all doors but one shut
7. order everyone in room and weld door and claim “I’m doing it so the rebel doesn’t run away”
8. Cut into ocean
9. Watch everyone die from pressure

if you cant get everyone to cooperate destroy all cutters in decontructor as people are usually to dumb to craft them, and proceed forward as if you kill majority of crew members and they cant get back on board odds are they will vote end
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