Re: Now that v1.3 is out...

Agent G wrote:How long before people start asking for v1.4? My guess, 3 weeks.
I'm waiting for 1.3.1. I got a ton of MAV's throughout the game, and that usually never happens. Thank you Third Subdivision Team.

And to be honest, the lag is a bit unbearable too.

Re: Now that v1.3 is out...

KirbyMario12345 wrote:
ME2 wrote:Come on... it´s not
Have you played it yet.
049-2's texture doesn't load, 049 still causes a MAV, there's more problems but I can't list them because too many.
Seems to be computer specific. I get MAVs related to music loading sometimes, or random harsh fps slowdowns when 096 or 966 instances try to pathfind.

Not to mention some old events get bugged because of some of the new stuff. (Looking at ya recointainment protocol room! the camera feed shows the 049 security room thing instead)

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