Mazedation - SCP CB custom map for v1.3.11

Mazedation is an SCP Containment Breach custom map which I created.
The map features a bigger, more complex facility unlike those seen in normal generation. You will get lost a lot trying to find your way out. The active SCPs will not allow you much rest either. All items and SCPs have been placed in such a way so that the player has to overcome an obstacle for each of them. Don't expect to get all the good items in the first 5 minutes of the game or that a LV4 keycard is enough to stop 106 from bothering you.
While much harder than your usual CB map, it is still fair. I hope you enjoy it!

Download link: ... bmap2?dl=0
Alternate download link: ... ion.cbmap2
Discord (updated May 2020):

Installation tutorial
1. Download the map.
2. Put it in: SCP Containment Breach game folder/Map Creator/Maps.

  • * Map designer:
    - Agent G (Ozone)

    * Playtesting:
    - #2004
    - DeCure
    - Fior di Latte
    - JohnLS
    - Michael W.
    - NothingHere
    - Raisin Jones
    - WurO

    * Other:
    - Elan S.
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