Shooting yourself

I know how the title sounds, but hear me out.

Me and some friends love playing Barotrauma, especially Role Playing on Barotrauma. We have however found stumps when it comes to killing yourself in ways other than jumping out the nearest airlock, or going Rambo on any glass around. My/Our idea was that any guns in your hand should have a use button, which similar to other tools would "use" the gun on yourself. Just a fun little idea to make RPing more dramatic!

Re: Shooting yourself

If accidental suicides were common with captains revolver maybe they would stop big dickin with it all the time because the amount of captains walking round packing a piece it feels like there working the slaves then actually piloting a sub. I've even heard "you try run I'll shoot you in the back." nothing would be more satisfying then seeing em misclick an blow his brains out.

Re: Shooting yourself

Ad bot spam aside, interesting question!

A buddy of mine was using a syringe gun against a crystal guardian and died shortly after firing. Naturally the dart had poison in it, but curiously enough the creature suffered damage as well. He was at full health, so no chance the monster K.O.'d him in one hit. Is it possible that he shot himself in the legs or something, and yet the dart continued and hit the target? Or is this purely a lag-based issue?
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