Re: [1.3.7] Half-Life Resonance Cascade v6.7 - STILL ALIVE! (New features)

Added some good (or not?) features from upcoming SCP: CB update)

Some additions from SCP: CB v1.3.10 build (thanks to Jabka):

- New model and sounds for elevator doors.
- Added the "missing" containment door inside of SCP-372's chamber.
- Added new random generation code for maintenance tunnels.


- Fixed the alarm sound in SCP-009's chamber.
- Optimized HID Turret textures.
- New textures for DD-7382 crystal.
Download: ... ascade-v67
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Re: [1.3.7] Half-Life Resonance Cascade v6.7 - STILL ALIVE! (New features)

Anantashesha wrote:Hrm, is this still alive?

AKA, is there gonna be a new version of the Resonance Cascade that's for 1.3.10?
As I said on our ModDB page, I'm not sure about that. Studying at the university takes away all my free time.

If I decide to make a new version, it will be developed not earlier than New Year's holidays.
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Re: [1.3.11] Half-Life Resonance Cascade v7.0 - REVIVED AGAIN!

Dmitriy-Bars wrote:
Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:15 pm
Run. Think. Hide. Survive.

Half-Life: Resonance Cascade is a full conversion modification for SCP: Containment Breach based on Half-Life game series. This mod serves as a depiction of the Black Mesa Incident from a seperate, farther off perspective.

You, Dr. Ben Walker, Clearance Level 4, have been assigned to test on BMR-500, a robot that displays extreme hostility, but is fortunately only able to move while outside direct observation. Midway into the testing session, you hear the alarm and the scientists say they have it under control and it's not much of a problem. Turns out it is, as the electricity shuts down and the robot kills your buddies and the guard. Sector C Personnel have been ordered to evacuate the area until further notice. How far will you go to get to the surface?

Original mod topic: ... =11&t=2446

Wiki page: ... ce_Cascade



- Original creators of the mod: CLstream & Omniary
- Ported & re-made by: Dmitriy-Bars (me) & Jabka666
- Special thanks for help (coding, models fix): PXLSHN & Vane Brain (Third Subdivision Team)

Credit to Valve, Gearbox Software and Crowbar Collective for 99% of the used content (and also to the guys who made this great mod).

In-Game Replacements: (may contain spoilers)
  • SCP-173 = BMR-500
    SCP-106 = Vortigaunt
    SCP-372 = Alien Controller
    SCP-035 = Zombie H.E.V. Subject
    SCP-513-1 = G-Man
    SCP-079 = Announcement System 2.6
    SCP-096 = Alien Grunt
    SCP-008 = Keplar Virus
    SCP-012 = DD-7382
    SCP-049 = Gonome
    SCP-049-2 = Zombie Guard / Zombie Scientist
    SCP-682 = Tentacle
    SCP-895 = Lambda Reactor #1386 (Monitor controlled by Nihilanth)
    SCP-914 = Non-Relay Teleport Prototype
    SCP-860-2 = Gargantua
    SCP-066 = Houndeye
    SCP-939 = Bullsquids
    SCP-1048 = Chumtoad
    SCP-1123 = Small Crystal
    SCP-966 = Shock Troopers
    SCP-205 = Deathscene
    SCP-1048-A = Sentry Turret
    SCP-1499-1 = Antlions
    Pocket Dimension/SCP-860-1/SCP-1499 Landscape = Xen
    PD Plane = Mantis Aircraft
    SCP-035 Tentacle = Xenian Tree
    SCP-457 = Kingpin
    SCP-409 = Contagious Xen Crystal (XF-4090)
    SCP-009 = Acid Waste Room
  • Guards = Security Team ("Barneys")
    MTF Epsilon-11 = H.E.C.U.
    MTF Eta-10 = Black Ops
    D-Class = H.E.V. Subjects
    Scientists/Janitors = Black Mesa Scientists
    SCP-990/Insurgency Soldiers = G-Man
    SCP-1123 Officers = Combine Metrocops
    SCP-008-1 = Zombie Soldier
    SCP-008-2 = Keplar Zombie
    Clerk = Security Guard Otis
  • Gas mask = H.E.V. Helmet
    First-aid Kit = Black Mesa Medical Kit
    Vest = H.E.V. Suit
    Hazmat = Black Mesa Cleansuit
    SCP-513 = Inconspicuous Briefcase
    SCP-714 = Memetic Shield
    SCP-860 = Prototype Micro-Reactor
    SCP-1025 = Health Regulator Book
    SCP-1499 = Displacer Gun
    SCP-420-J/SCP-500 = Power Bottles

- Ported on SCP: CB v1.3.11. (Note: the source code has been rewritten due to the big difference with v1.3.7, so some additions from previous HL:RC versions have been cut.)
- New models for BMR-500 (SCP-173), HEV Subjects, "Otis" guard, Metrocops (from SCP-1123 event) and Black Ops.
- The vest changed to HEV Suit + removed PCV model and some other unused items.
- The voice lines of HECU Marines (except for endings) reverted back to Half-Life ones + rechanged announcements for the intercom.
- New texture for locking devices.
- Rechanged some outputs from SCP-914.
- The number of slots in the inventory has been increased from 10 to 15.
- Added new sounds for some items.

With some help from Mleczyk76 (thanks :3):

- SCP-1499-1 specimens replaced as Antlions.
- (Finally!) Fixed the road in Gate A and Gate B surfaces (it uses a new texture instead of standard "concretefloor").
- The "Barney" guard model has been updated in accordance with new animations.

New additions from Ultimate Edition and more:

- The HEV Suit now has an armor scale, which can be restored by using HEV Batteries (based both on the "kevlar" bar from NTF Mod and SCP-1033-RU).
- New & improved models for the containment chambers of SCP-008, SCP-009, SCP-409, SCP-457 and SCP-106.
- Added a "corpse-with-radio" event in "room4info" (with a special easter egg).
- Added the loader (uses the code of a truck from v5.5) in the intro room.
- New monster in "room2testroom" (based on SCP-682 from Redbull.Ivan's "Story of Site" mod).
SCREENSHOTS: (Old versions)
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