[BTE 8.0][REL/WIP][1.1.1] The Deimos

The Deimos represents POWER and terror. To qoute,
In Greek mythology, Deimos is the son of Ares and Aphrodite and the brother of Phobos. While his brother is the personification of fear and panic, Deimos is the personification of dread and terror. The Roman version of him was called Metus or Formido. It only seems natural when you consider that their father is the god of war.
  • Interactive power control.
  • Monitoring position for Reactor power.
  • CCTV system with corresponding motion sensors.
  • Powerful armaments.
  • Enough items to last for a long mission
The Deimos
Power Control System
[Download]: https://mega.nz/#!G9FzzSoR!335mfU2tb8tr ... 2moBYlykY8

[Change Logs]:
1.0.0: Release
1.0.1: Fix related to engine and command window
1.1.0: Major changes to power grid and some bug fixes
1.1.1: Power grid fix to increase power-up rate of the grid
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