Re: Introduce yourself thread

Hello, I'm a minecraft mod creator dipping their feet into other games at the moment. I specialize with "scrapholding" or taking other mods and frankenstiening them together, while adding my own little touch.

I'm like kinda young so I'm a little insane, but I do my best to not be annoying.

Sometimes I make mods, then take them down for some reason or another.

Re: Introduce yourself thread

Just would like to say hello and wish good day to all members.
I am new here and I am big fan of SCP conception and SCP games.

My favorite is SCP 173 and that's why it is on my avatar ;)

My real name is Mike and I am front'end developer and blogger. I like programming and I have a dream to create my personal indie game.
Check my blog on Gamasutra: ... ucture.php
Currently working on new educational project:
So, good luck and thank you for attention!

Re: Introduce yourself thread

I'll make this simple :
I'm LacroiXx13. A person who pretty much appreciates everything about SCPs, including this game.
A taste that i've discovered recently is, updating old SCP : CB mods (Memes Packs) to lastest SCP:CB versions, while adding or replacing files.
Recently I've done SCP - WTF Messup Breach Remastered, which you can check out in my signature.

Anyway, i'm pretty much like you.
One user whose looks forward to have fun, and to spread fun.
I'm not really active most of the time though.
Creator of SCP - WTF Messup Breach Remastered.
Want to check out ?
There you go : ... 11&t=10965
Want me to remaster/update a mod (meme pack) ? Just ask me !
Next project might be SCP MLG Edition ! (Update to 1.3.11, nothing else)