1.3.11 Stuck crouching

While being severely damaged from 966, I ran to 914 and put a pill of 500 inside of it to make 427
By the time I had made 427, I was feeling faint from the blood loss
427 stopped the bleeding, but I was still crouching from when I was feeling faint and I could not get up
I have no idea if this is related to how 427 makes people into giant masses of flesh and therefore they should be slow, but I doubt that is the case
I was able to stop crouching if I did “heal” in the developer console, however

Re: 1.3.11 Stuck crouching

Is there also a way to undo the effects WITH cheats? I was playing on a copied version of the save with cheats enabled but I ended up being affected by 427 again and heal doesn’t seem to work anymore
Nor does 420-J or 500
Also, I am infected by 008 now
And I saved while dead (using revive and godmode) and every time I try to load the save I just die to 427
It would be nice if there were commands to cure 427 and 008