Re: SCP - Containment Breach Multiplayer 1.3.11

I have been releasing multiplayer due to the disconnection of the Internet for a long time. Probably there will be some bugs.
To start the server, you need to run server.exe in the dedicated server folder.

I recommend patching the game up to 4 GB.
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To start the game, you need to move all the contents from the archive to the original game.
If you get crash on startup, then delete sndlib.dll

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Re: SCP - Containment Breach Multiplayer 1.3.11 [RELEASE]

Ne4to wrote:
Thu Aug 20, 2020 11:20 am
Release Multiplayer 0.2 with Breach mode!
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Heyo! I just created an account to say that I'm absolutely loving the updates and am super excited to see more, especially since they're getting more stable haha. A lot of people who are SCP Containment Breach fans don't browse the forums but I know would love to know this mod existed. I'm not sure where else you may already post game updates, but if you were to post updates more frequently on reddit and your youtube channel or elsewhere you may be able to let more people know about the game.