The Mobile Task Force are a small group of operators dedicated to performing a specific task, in this games case the MTF present deal with containment breaches.

Upon entering the site the squads will move to accomplish the following objectives individually.

Squad 1: Contain SCP-173.
Squad 2: Contain SCP-106.
Squad 3: Restore the Site's power.

Upon accomplishing these objectives the three squads will then begin to search for and terminate the player, should they still be on site.


The MTF consist of three, three man squads of highly trained and deadly soldiers. They typically appear once the player is nearing one of the Site's main exits, and their entrance is announced over the sites PA system. Upon encountering the player they will demand that the player halt, after several seconds they will then open fire on the player irrespective of whether the player halted or nor. From there on they will fire on the player on sight.

Two methods of evading the MTF is to hide or to flee them, crouching in secluded ares has varying results. A good tactic is too run by an active Tesla Gate, the MTF will be forced to disable the Gate prior to continuing chasing the player, which by then should be too far to concern the MTF any longer.
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I would like to add the Mobile Task Force squad found in-game is otherwise known as Epsilon-11, Nine Tailed Fox. They are called so as each member represents one tail and the squad as a whole as the fox, they are otherwise known by this for their shrewd and deadly nature.

I do also believe they are set to contain the SCPs when they are located, not in any order. Including 096 for later on.
It slep time bunner.


whathopercy wrote:When will they be able to bag 096?

Also, if this thread exists, i'm assuming we should delete the other one.
It should be left for some sort of reference. There was a lot of good conversations about MTF behavior and interactions. There seemed to be some sort of general consensus as to how they react towards the player as well as possible "cinematic instances" involving them. Not all ideas were perfect but they got people thinking. I still stand by my opinion that in a far off future version of CB that they may attempt to apprehend the player opening new parts of the facility and interactions with hostile and dangerous SCPs




I said this in the previous thread (I think.) that each 3 man team should be equip for each SCP they are going to capture, but if they ran into a different SCP, they would be screwed.

For instance, the team specifically tailored to deal with 106 with need to have corrison resistant armor, covering of all the vulnerable areas, and probably a high powered rifle (Think Scar), kind of like this guy:
However, if they ran into 173 on the way, 173 could find a chink in the armor around their neck, and they would be subsequently be killed, leaving it up to you to contain 106.