"Log me on automatically each visit" doesn't work

This is a problem with logging in on the forum, not a problem with SCP:CB...

Whenever I log on, I always check the "Log me on automatically each visit" box. When I decide to stop browsing the website, I never log off, Instead I close the tab. But upon visiting the forum again, it once again asks me to log on. Does anyone know why this happens? And how it could be fixed? (I don't delete cookies from this site..)

Re: "Log me on automatically each visit" doesn't work

There's been a lot of issues ever since the domain changed from scpcbgame to undertowgames for months now. Although it seems that Regalis hasn't noticed them yet.

Regarding this issue, it seems as though whenever you log in, every page you go on has a unique string of characters at the end of the url. Check the url of this page right now and you'll see something like "&sid=a84f47c168db0f58b6d62139936d5ab8" in it. I decided to try copying this string, then removing it from the URL, and I got logged out. When I re-added the string to this, or any other page, I was logged back in. It seems as though whether or not you're logged in is determined by this string, which is most definitely a bug on Regalis' end.

Another issue I noticed as well since the move to undertowgames.com is that on occasion when logging in, the web page can crash forcing you to manually refresh the page to finish the log in sequence.

Re: "Log me on automatically each visit" doesn't work

Irontaco wrote:Yeppers, it happens.

Sometimes even when i'm logged in and browsing the forum i get logged out, out of nowhere. I thought it was only me.

I'll send a PM to Regalis right now so he can fix it when he has time.
Sweet! And when the fix works, I'll request this thread to be locked. But then and only then.