A beginner’s guide to injecting mind-controlling parasites into people

Step one:

Make sure you’ve been infected with the husk parasite. The most common way to get infected is an encounter with an active husk, but some well-equipped laboratories and research facilities may also house dormant husk eggs.


Step two:

Once infected, you may have trouble swallowing and your throat may feel sore. It is generally not a good idea to tell your fellow crew members about these symptoms, as it would most likely lead to a medical inspection and a dose of antiparasitic drugs. As the parasite grows, you may also find it hard or impossible to speak. If so, try to stay away from other people to prevent arousing suspicion.

Step three:

When the parasite reaches maturity, it extends its ovipositor out of your throat. The feeling may be somewhat unpleasant. At this stage it is highly recommended to wear a diving mask or other headgear to hide the ovipositor from the rest of the crew.

The parasite will slowly start taking over your entire nervous system, but this process can be delayed by working together with the parasite by spreading eggs into new hosts. Just find a suitable target and gently insert the ovipositor into one of their body cavities.



  1. Looks fucking great! Will you lose control when transformed? I can see it being a good incentive to spread the parasite. I also noticed you manually attacked when controlling the husk, does this mean you can do so with all enemies now?

    Looking forward to continued development as always!

    1. Mm, reminds me of the xenomorphs in colonial marines ss13… I really do hope you can control yourself when infected with a husk. Keep up the great work! I’m happy seeing small indie comapnies making gems in the gaming industry, it seems the big companies only care for milking money *COUGH* no mans sky *COUGH*.

    2. Transformed players will slowly lose health over time, but attacking other players (and spreading the parasites) can be used to restore a tiny chunk. When the health runs out, AI takes over and the character basically becomes a “normal” husk.

      And yes, it’s now possible to manually attack with any monster!

  2. The update is awesome so far! I figured out the husk attack is bound to ‘r’, but I can’t seem to attack with Mantis.

    Could there also be a way to disable names above heads, at least in singleplayer?

    1. We’re currently rewriting the networking code which has held up the updates a bit, but I think I’ll be able to push out an update next week. The new netcode will still take some time and won’t be included in the next update, but there’s plenty of other cool stuff coming up, the biggest being sub-vs-sub combat missions.

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