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Containment Breach: Run – Featurette

In case you haven’t heard, a live-action promo film for Containment Breach has been on the works for 8 months or so. Actually, calling it a promo film doesn’t really do it justice – it will be a full-fledged short horror film based on the SCP Foundation and SCP-CB that stands on it’s own, not just as promotional material for the game.

The film also has a crew and budget behind it unlike any other work based on the SCP universe so far; Gage Allen (Lotims), the man responsible for the official trailers of SCP-CB and a number of other films, has gathered an impressive group of people to help in creating a film that will do justice to the SCP Foundation. This includes Hollywood Special FX and make-up artist Doug Hudson, voice actor Aaron “TheVolgun” McKee, composer Kevin MacLeod who is also behind a large part of the music in SCP-CB, as well as Gabriel Jade, Dr Dan and Dr. Gears, the authors of SCP-049, SCP-096, and SCP-106.

Although tt will still take some time before the actual film is released (I’m not involved in the making of the film to an extent that would allow me to give you any estimations on the release date, but hopefully it will be out in a month or few), in the mean time you can watch this featurette where Gage takes a closer look at the project with Doug Hudson and Jason Daniel, the lead actor of the film:

A little teaser of the film was also released a couple months back, so be sure to check out that as well if you haven’t seen it yet.


SCP – Containment Breach is not dead

Just a brief post to clear some confusion about the future of SCP-CB:

Apparently there was an announcement/post on the SCP-CB community page on the Russian social network site VK declaring that the development of the game has ended and there will be no more updates.  This isn’t the case: there will still be (mostly minor) updates every now and then, even though I’ve started putting more focus on other projects.