SCP – Containment Breach is not dead

Just a brief post to clear some confusion about the future of SCP-CB:

Apparently there was an announcement/post on the SCP-CB community page on the Russian social network site VK declaring that the development of the game has ended and there will be no more updates.  This isn’t the case: there will still be (mostly minor) updates every now and then, even though I’ve started putting more focus on other projects.



  1. Please, why is this game not your main focus? I have felt the potential in this game for a 2 years and counting, this game has so much potential it’s flipping stupid. This should be what you work on for the few on-going years or so. This game still has a pretty good following, so you should continue on it.

    1. He will still be working on it – yes it will be only half of his focus, but he still will be working on it.

      Besides, SCPCB is made in Blitz 3D – he can’t keep working on it forever! Just wait for the ports being made by the community.

  2. Well Ive been playing watching and testing around in your game SCP Containment Breach since it had just started. Most people call me creative and good with photography and lighting with a source engine game (Gmod) here is one of my works I don’t have a good computer so im looking to make money but since i love this game to my heart if you guys want to ask anything with creations (rooms and such) ill be very happy if you could respond! (p.s ill send you more of my steam Gmod photos if you like and if you do respond please do it through my email)

    1. Not quite, I’m sure there will still be some updates in the future. Although, I can’t and won’t keep updating it indefinitely – it’s already grown way past its scope and the ancient engine and my spaghetti code can barely cope even with the current amount of content. And I also have to admit that I don’t have much motivation to touch Blitz3D or the code that is such as mess that I barely understand how it works anymore, especially when all I get out of it is a pat in the back. Not that I wouldn’t appreciate all the feedback or that I wouldn’t love hearing that people like the game, it’s just that if I’m making a (free) game I need to be able to enjoy it, and developing SCP-CB has been gradually getting more and more tedious to the point that I have to force myself to get back to it.

      But even though there might not be that many updates to the current version of SCP-CB anymore, it’s entirely possible that after Barotrauma I ditch Blitz3D entirely and start doing a HD sequel or remake of the game on some modern engine…

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