SCP – Containment Breach v1.1

The next update of SCP-CB will be released along with Containment Breach – Run. I can’t tell you the exact release date yet, but it’s not that far away!

There will be some pretty cool stuff in the update, most of which might look familiar if you’ve tried a mod called Box of Horrors. Although, most of the additions will be improved and expanded from the ones in BoH, so even if you have tried it, the update will definitely be worth checking out.

Some WIP screenshots:

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  1. That gas event with the officer looks even better then I imagined it. Does the officer use the ClassD model (possibly modified) or a new model altogether? (kinda irrelevant but I had a dislike for the ClassD model solely just because the hands look like they came from an action figure)

    Anyways, these blog posts really remind me of when you had the SCPCB site on wordpress and did updates on it occasionally.

    1. The officer uses another model from the same model pack as the Class D model. It has the same rig and same animations so unfortunately it has those same kind of “action figure hands”.

  2. Looks pretty good, hopefully the update will make the game feel new again. Unfortunately it seems that the framerate is under 50 FPS.

      1. Actually I said that oculus rift support is a possible feature in the future, but not guaranteed. There have been some attempts to get it working with Blitz3D but I haven’t heard of anyone getting it 100% working with the head tracking and the lens distortion effect (which is kind of hard to do without shaders).

  3. I love the game, very amazing update, the door sounds are much better, and the game is much harder but significantly more fun. My only problem is that when facing or being near 106’s containment chamber gives me a memory access violation. Is this common? Or would it be my computer? Ive tried using lower graphics and turning off the map bumping

  4. I want to see SCP-732 as an eater egg. When the game starts, one document will be randomly chosen to be altered by 732. Also, I know that this is a lot to ask for, but do you think that the MTF will respond to SCPs better by the time you’re done with the game?

  5. So, have you guys considered adding SCP-280 sometime in the future? (Probably in the maintenance tunnels, which it will randomly replace SCP-106)

    1. Because I’d been using Blitz3D for a long time and it was something I was comfortable with. I wasn’t planning on the game becoming this big – originally the idea was just to make a small game with a handful of SCPs and a dozen rooms and I though it’d take maybe a couple of months for the game to be ready, and I didn’t think there was any need to start learning some new engine for a little hobby project like that.

      It turned out to be way more popular than I could’ve imagined, so I kept expanding it. Pretty soon the limitations of the engine (and my spaghetti code) started to become more apparent, but I thought I was already so far that it wouldn’t make sense to restart it from scratch… Looking back now, I should’ve just switched to something else as soon as the scope of the game started getting bigger. Or at least do a major refactoring of the code.

  6. Regalis, I just wanted to say that I know this game more than nearly everyone else except for you, even down to a technical level. I understand the mechanics down to a science, and I’ve been playing it since 0.1.1. I just wanted to congratulate you for making it this far, and know that no matter what you decide to do with this game, you have made an incredible contribution to horror game history, and it will never be forgotten. Thank you for making my favorite horror game.

  7. I know you are hard at work on SCP containment breach but i just want to suggest a game idea where you make a containment faculty for the SCPs with escape attempts and new SCPs found at random and teams which you send to check the area. \you can also include using the machine SCP to make new objects. Please reply.


      1. “Containment Site Architect” – I think that’s an awesome idea and I’d play the shit out of it. :) Although, I have my hands so full with school, Subsurface and a couple of other projects at the moment that I have no current plans for any additional game projects, but I’ll keep your idea in mind!

  8. Regalis11. Read this:

    – TheJonttu:
    Is there anything news about SCP run? Regalis said, he releases 1.1 at the same time as the SCP run.
    – Lotism:
    I’ve been getting asked this a lot, so I am releasing an update video to explain where we are in the development process and such, as well as releasing some new details on the project.
    As for whether Regalis is still going to wait to release 1.1 alongside Run, I don’t know, as I do not want him to be forced to wait a bit longer. That’ll be something he’ll have to address.

    Here is link for that text and forum:

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