SCP – Containment Breach v1.3

The new SCP – Containment Breach update created for the most part by ENDSHN and Vane Brain of the Third Subdivision Team (creators of the Nine Tailed Fox mod) is now out! Thank you all for your patience despite the continuous delays.

The update includes two new SCPs and expands the role of some of the existing SCPs a bit, but what I personally think is the most important part of this update are the numerous bugfixes and stability improvements. We managed to squash a bunch of nasty bugs that have been in the game for years (including a pretty severe pathfinding bug, doorways leading to nothingess and random Class Ds appearing in strange place, occasionally messing up scripted events) and a metric fuckton of smaller bugs.

The game is also up in GitHub now, which is why the latest version doesn’t come bundled with the source code.

Also, Barotrauma multisub update soon


  1. Awesome! The new atmosphere&gameplay, sounds … now it looks like real Containment Breach (i mean, more realistic, than it was). But MAV are still here and I encountered two bugs and one crash. It’s lesser than it was before, i hope patches will destroy MAv forever (of course not). Anyway, good job there, mates!

  2. PLEASE contact me ASAP for a BIG bug that is keeping me from playing the game. For some reason, when I try to play the game at the normal resolution I play my other games, 1920 x 1080, it doesn’t let me move my mouse all the way to the right or to the bottom of my screen. It’s extremely annoying and keeping me from being able to enjoy the game. I seriously need help with this from ANYONE who knows how to fix this.

  3. I seem to be having issues with saving, quick saving, and using items in the inventory, are these bugs or am I Just doing something wrong. I am using version 1.3.3 of SCP containment breach. (example, can not read instructions picked up in the cell at the start of the game.) Help lol

  4. I actually like the atmosphere of the game. The possibilities. The SCPs we have here. They… This game is so unique… I just wanted it to be… Better? No, that’s not the word I’m looking for. I want it to look better… I want to remake the game. I don’t have any skill in 3d modelling and sound effects though.. But one day. If I do… Even if it’s a prototype. Can I put it out there, for free? On the internet. I would really like having such a unique title.

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