Subsu… Barotrauma v0.2

Unsurprisingly my “one or two week” guesstimation of the release date wasn’t accurate, but here it is now! Also, thanks for all the name suggestions even though I ended up going with Barotrauma.

Here’s the changelog for the new update:

- major optimization and much better lag compensation
- tons of bugfixes that should fix most of the syncing issues
- admins can play on their own server without launching another instance of the game
- setting the job preferences actually does something now
- reconnecting to a server if the connection is temporarily lost works much better now
- proper error messages if UPnP port forwarding fails

- security guard gear: ballistic vest, helmet & stun baton
- wifi components that can be used for transmitting signals between devices
- wall labels with a configurable text
- a bunch of new sprites and sounds
- wearing a diving suit slows the characters down
- supercapacitors
- attempting to fire the railgun when there are no shells loaded doesn't consume power anymore

- improved version of Aegir
- a new submarine, "Vellamo"
- nuclear reactors overheat much more slowly and there are warning signals for overheating and a remote shutdown button in both of the default subs
- ambient sounds change according to the speed of the sub
- fixed parts of the submarine getting stuck in the level on collision
- the autopilot is a much better driver now (although it may still crash at very tight spots)

- aiming underwater is much easier
- improved humanoid animations
- stunned/dead characters can be dragged
- all characters can now use plasma cutters and welders regardless of their skills, but insufficient skill level will make them flicker and work much less efficiently
- same for the harpoon gun, anyone can shoot but lower levels will make the gun less accurate
- rewiring devices may cause electric shocks if the electrical engineering level is too low

- some random "prop fish" swimming in the background
- a new hostile creature

- a tutorial going through all the basic tasks and game mechanics (more in-depth tutorials will be added in future versions, including one for making custom subs)
- an auto-updater in the launcher
- the game generates a detailed report if it crashes
- physics optimization (i.e. using simplified physics & animation for off-screen characters and disabling them entirely if they're far enough)
- lighting optimization (caching the lights/shadows if a light source hasn't moved instead of recalculating them every frame)
- two new background music tracks
- better looking explosions
- better looking water particle effects
- minor UI improvements
- better UI scaling on different resolutions
- health/oxygen bar improvements and status icons for bleeding and water pressure	
- gap-hull connections are visible in the sub editor
- pumps don't have to be manually connected to a hull in the editor anymore, they automatically empty/fill the hull they're inside


    1. Fixed that one and a couple of other bugs, including some map seeds throwing an error when starting the game and the client staying connected when leaving the server screen. I’ll upload a small bugfix patch later today.

    1. Which part are you having trouble with? If the problem is that people are unable to join your server, you should try these:

      1. Select “Attempt UPnP port forwarding” in the “Host Server” tab and see if that helps
      2. If not, you may have to forward a port in your router manually. The exact steps to do this depend on your router, but usually you can access the router setting by going to “” in your web browser. There should be a “port forwarding” or “application sharing” tab somewhere in the settings, where you can forward a port of your choosing to the game. The default port for the servers is 14242, but you can change that in the “Host Server” tab.
      3. If neither of these work, you might want to check that your firewall isn’t blocking people from joining the server.

      It seems that quite a lot of people are having trouble with hosting servers (and port forwarding in particular), but I think it’d be possible to make it much easier by using a thing called NAT punchtrough. I’d need a dedicated server for that though, which might be a bit too much for my small student budget, but maybe when I start selling the game…

    1. Still working on it. The linux version is otherwise playable now but I’m still having some problems with the water shaders. Might be due to the fact that the Windows version uses DirectX while the Linux version uses OpenGL.

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