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If you’ve kept a close eye on the Dev Topic in the SCP – Containment Breach forum, you may have seen brief mentions of my plans on starting my own company. It’s now official, and now with the launch of this website and blog I’ll be keeping you more up-to-date on my further plans and projects.

So, what does this mean for the future of SCP-CB and the following projects? To be honest, it doesn’t change much from the player’s perspective – I’ll be developing and releasing games just as before (until Undertow Games grows to become a wildly successful full-fledged game studio, that is ;)). But from my point of view, operating as a legal business will make it slightly easier for me to eventually publish a commercial a game and it also grants me some tax benefits. And since I went with the simplest form of business in the Finnish legislation, “yksityinen elinkeinonharjoittaja”, which is to my knowledge pretty much equivalent to sole proprietorship,the amount of licenses, paperwork and other bureaucracy required is fairly minimal.

Actually the main reason that led me into starting up Undertow Games now instead of say, a year from now when the next game project is closer to being released, was a software development course that I’m currently doing as a part of my Computer Sciences Degree in Turku University of Applied Sciences. We’ll be doing a software development project in a small group for a company of our choosing, and after I dropped in the idea of me starting up a business for which we could create whatever we choose to, it didn’t take long before our 5-member team had started a cool little game project. As a clarification, this game isn’t the same as the aforementioned larger commercial game I’m hoping to release in maybe a year or two, just a smallish student project that will be released for free around next February.

I’ll tell more about both of these in-progress game projects and what’s going on with SCP – Containment Breach in later blog posts. If you want to keep yourself updated, you can subscribe to email notifications about new blog posts using the widget in the sidebar!



  1. You know what would be cool…… if you could make a sequel to the SCP-CB Storyline…. now i know the class-d Died at the end but maybe you should put the sequel as a guard.. or a prequel if that would make sense. i have more ideas if you could contact me.

    Skype: xMysticGamerx1 or Nexy and keep up that good work guys!

    1. Uh no, D-9341 lives in the official Gate A ending when he’s taken from the unknown soldiers. And Regalis has moved away from SCP:CB to start working on other projects.

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