Barotrauma Erect v2.3

Barotrauma Erect
a meme mod

We now have discord:
Steam post: ... 1652812488

i've stopped developing the mod, there is bunch of shit left unported from legacy version and closed beta versions and bunch of unused textures but i am just fucking tired on working on this mod, i've been developing it over 8 months only to get 2-3 players on whenver i host a servers.

Anyone is free to use my mod as a base for their mod or continue working on it.

if i see activity in discord and workshop page i might consider comming back to this

i will try to make sure mod is comptaible with updates, but i don't guarantee anything

-Replaced assistant with clown role
-Added Big Fucking Horn
-Replaced most of the music(open to suggestions to add more music)
-Changed sprite of moloch
-Renamed and resprited ruin guardians to skeletons
-Some menu graphical changes
-Added round end sounds from ss13

-Added disintegrator 5000
-Resprited and Renamed all artifacts including: the spicy meatball and the SUCC
-Removed nasanov artifact as i did not come up with a meme artifact that would have the same effect(open to suggestions)
-Added boombox, cuttently just one song, i'll add more in future
-Titles in main menu are now randomized from a selection of few
-Chaged descriptions of some missions
-Updated .exe up to

-more lobby titles
-Added thomas the tank engine
-Clown mask can be used as oxygen mask
-Updated .exe up to

-Added death sound from fortnite
-Added "what the fuck"
-Removed Husks(you can still get them by infecting people with eggs or spawning with commands)
-Added more msuic
-updated mod up to

-Removed crawler
-Added boris

-Replaced Welding Tool and Welding fuel With Flex-Seal Sprayer and Flex seal
-Replced Plasma Cutter with a Rocket Launcher, becuase why the fuck not
-Added boris
-Replaced monster music with darude - sandstorm

-Renamed and adjusted job descriptions for:
-Captain(now known as Swagtain)
-Mechanic(now known as Chad)
-Engineer(now known as Nerdgineer)

-Changed uniforms for Swagtain and Chad
-Replaced fortnite death sound with OOF from roblox
-Boombox is now considered as artifact and can appear in artifact missions

-Added new machine, Clown-o-matic it works like a fabricator and produces clown items, it can curently produce:
-Boombox(it's not artifact again)
-Holy clown mask(new item)
-clown clothes

-Added bananium, a resource used for constructing things in clown-o-matic
-Removed Flex-seal sprayers, the bottle can spray by itself now
-Nerfed skeletons
-clown mask now acts as a headset, it does not need batteries.
-The mod has a sub now!!!(sponsored by subway)

-Resprited and renamed security to mall cop
-Added Mg-42 machinegun
-Minor adjustments to the custom sub
-Resprited and Renamed tiger thresher to Wiener
-more lobby titles
-monster is now also randomized like lobby titles

-flex-seal is uncraftable
-flex seal can be refilled by phil swift
-nasanov artifact is back
-nasanov artifact renamed and resprited as free v-bucks
-batteries are replaced with energy drinks

-Fixed skeleton's browser history sprite
-Fixed Tiger Threshers spawning instead of Wieners
-Fixed MG-42 magazine deconstruction
-Slightly reduced power of BFH
-Made wtf more effective at breaking sub walls
-Made laser beams craftable
-Removed boombox artifact mission
-Made MG-42 craftable
-Made Disintegrator 5000 craftable
-Made MG-42 mags craftable
-Made oof sound louder
-Tweaked access on Custom Sub
-Replaced Carrier with moth
-New Mission: Smugling mexicans across the border
-Removed all non-meme missions
-New sonar sounds
-Made clowns even more OP
-Removed carrier

-Fixed moth mission

-Actually fixed Tiger Thresher spawns
-Added Crawler and Mantis Back
-Removed Boris and what the fuck
-Added Bandits from stalker
-Slightly nerfed BFH
-Fixed Boombox deconstcurtion
-Fixed V-Bucks Sprite
-Added vents to the top floor of Custom Sub
-Fixed Disintegrator crafting
-Replaced Diving Suits with Super Slav Suits
-Added new song to boombox
-Added Custom Main Menu Backrounds

-Slghtly tweaked slav suit music
-Bandits now actually point the gun
-Bandits guns now have proper guns sounds
-Mexicans are craftable on Clown-O-Matic

-Fixed hentai lord mission not spawning hentai lord
-Nerfed skeletons
-Added sonar to gunnery in custom sub
-Added head to skeletons

-Added new main menu monster
-Menu monsters are now a bit bigger
-Added music to CPR
-minor "under the hood" changes and optimizations
-Laser Beam is now Quciker and Cheaper to make
-Fixed crashing caused by attacking monsters with railguns

-Buffed MG-42
-Buffed Bandits
-Fixed bug that caused bandits to shoot with really fast speed
-Replaced Deconstructor with Angry Phil Swift
-Added YEET GUN for clown

-Fully Resprited Ruins
-Resprited and reworked ancient weapon
-Removed skeletons
-Added deep fried monsters to replace skeletons
-Replaced ruin music
-Adjusted Bandit Range(hopefully it would fix them shooting through walls)
-Reactor in custom sub now starts turned off
-Other minor chagnes

-Holy clown mask now makes red light and heals
-Slight nerf to mg
-bandit's gun range significantly reduced due to a bug that causes it to shoot thorough walls
-Skeleton's browser histrory replaced with your browser history
-YEET GUN is not cannot be put into inventory now
-Sped up some crafting times

-Guardian sounds are a bit quieter
-Adjusted Bandit ai
-Bandits structure damage buffed
-Reactor replaced with hamburger
-More slav suits next to airlock
-More music for boombox
-Added Handheld railgun that shoots railgun shell-dons
-Added Robustris 2000: a new crafting machine for security to craft their weapons
-Added new material, robustium, used for making stuff in robustrsis 2000

-Adjusted material cost for most items in robustris 2000
-Ported mod to
-Some UI adjustments
-Cursor replaced with horn
-Added more materials to security locker
-Bandits have high Range again
-Sonar is a bit quieter

-Removed a song from boombox
-Boombox should no longer freeze the game when crafted
-Slight mg nerf

-tweaks to mg acuracy, ammo capacity and damage. should be less op now
-removed all skill restricitons on robiustris
-updated mod up to

-fixed oofs
-removed double glass at the bridge

-Ported to DEV verison
-Removed all monsters, either forever or untill i have the time to remake them
-Some things like custom menu, cpr music and clothes are still not ported

-New Hd Sprites for:
  • Security uniform
  • Captains Hat and uniform(uniform is still very wip)
  • Diving suit(wip)
  • Medical Scanner
  • Diving Mask
  • Headset
    most of these sprites don't have inventory icons yet
    Big thanks to Floobitron Supreme for creating these sprites
-Removed Handheld Railgun and shelldon, i felt it was pretty useless. might get reworked in future
-New item: BIG ballistic fedora, craftable in robustris
-New item: Concentrated Bananium, craftable in clown-o-matic
-New item: Banana Peel, craftable in clown-o-matic
-Replaced vanilla loading screen tips(looking for more suggestions)
-Replaced Cursor with bike horn

Latest Legacy version:!VJ5XhIhK!KEUf2JynEuzh ... 9GMQGsv5CI
Link: (too much effort to maintain this link, download it from workshop)
delete BTEr folder in mods if you are updating
extract all files into the main game folder and replace/merge everything

launch the game with launcher.

the mod has custom exe to change some hardcoded stuff, launching it with exe might result game launch with mods exe and default content pack(or vice versa) wich will cause bugs, launhcer makes sure the game launches with correct exe+content pack

i am open to suggestions
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