Re: Royalty free music tracks suitable for Barotrauma

Nemo wrote:Hi,

I figured this one would suit the game.
Maybe you agree? ... underworld

Would add some variety. Because this is not to imply that the original music is not the better fitting one.
Quite some things to picture this to. Cavernous levels, the abyss or endworms for example.

Kind regards!
I support this! Very fitting music to the setting of the game.
Are you supposed to put stuff here?

Re: Royalty free music tracks suitable for Barotrauma

If you want other soundtrack to play during game you can replace sound files in game data folders with tracks you have downloaded. It is extremely important to rename those new tracks with the exact names of previous tracks as the game will identify them as default tracks and will let those new tracks play like nothing happened.
If polish players can play barotrauma and barotrauma takes place in space, than Poland can into space.