Re: Barotrauma Extended v8.4

paris31655 wrote:
Tue Mar 05, 2019 1:29 pm
i downloaded and instaled it corectly (i think) but when i try to play it shows me error massages
and it doesn't even let me spectate
it says something about mushroom not found or something
If that's what the error says, then you didnt really installed it right. That's the usual message you get when it cant find the files.

Re: Barotrauma Extended v8.4

I'm pretty new to installing mods this way, I pasted the folders into what I believe is the game directory but every time I try to join a BTE game or host one I get a ton of error messages and I get teleported back to the lobby, I'm pretty sure its where I pasted the folders, whats the file name exactly?

Re: Barotrauma Extended v1.6

Dekkar wrote:
Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:37 pm
Looking good so far, only small thing I noticed is when loading the mod via the launcher it still says 1.5 instead of 1.6 :D , I'll keep ya posted if I notice any bugs. I am about half-way through editing submarines adding the extension EXT behind it as they will include the new introduced revolver gun which will be located in every captains closet, also more oxygen, masks, survival knife and heavy spear and tool placement for multiplayer.

Also added food labeled lockers with cans of food with mantis meat inside and a few plastic bags. Perhaps add functionality for plaster bags to be able to hold 3-6 items instead of just suffocating users? just a thought, here either tonight or tomorrow will have a server up and running Barotrauma Extended 1.6 for anyone else interested in playing this mod MP. I just noticed with the sub swaps some vital equipment was lacking in abundance so making sure those are corrected then should have plenty of submarines on rotation with new items.

Keep up the good work! :laugh:

NOTE TO PLAYERS INTERESTED IN JOINING THE SERVER... Name will be Barotrauma Extended 1.6, ALSO SWITCHING MOD IN GAME WILL NOT WORK, in order to join you must do the following. . . .

1. Download the mod at the top of this forum page.

2. You will need WINRAR, or WINZIP, both are free, to extract the files.

3. Extract to your main directory overwriting when prompted (it creates sub-directories so main game wont be touched)

4. Launch the game via Baratrauma Launcher in main game folder

5. Under content package, click it, then select Chiko 1.5 (or whichever version is applicable)

6. Hit Start.

7. Navigate to Barotrauma extended 1.6 server and connect, if all goes well you will be in, if not, you will receive an error saying you have incorrect content package.