mrslig100 wrote:If this settles everyone lighting lust then im happy anyway :P
How did it start with blitz3D anyway I only found about this game a few months before joining.
Reg doesn't know how to use anything else, though I believe he has minimal experience in cpp. Remember that answer42 is writing a custom engine in cpp/SFML/GL.
M-x dingus-mode


Omniary wrote:Loved the changes to the intro, as minor as they were. I think the two Class D's should certainly be given some lines at this point.
Yeah, I agree. Maybe where the player sits in his cell, during the initial intro, two Class Ds could talk, when you can hear them through walls.. Or just try to put a Class D in D-9341s cell, so he can talk. But, obviously D-9341 can talk to him? I‘m thinking when MTF will come, the D doesn't listen to him and he shoots the D. Noting that these ideas where discussed in first pages of “Improved intro“ thread.

Here' idea:

When D-9341 arrives at the containment of 173, two D-Classes will talk silently:

“I‘m scared man, I don't want to do this. Seriously.“

“Take a deep breath and calm down.“

“Shh. Here's the other D coming. Let‘s get ready.“

Then the original intro continues.


Two suggestions for the intro:

A more detailed and accurate introduction to the inventory would be helpful. Currently, the hardcoded text references the "Tab" key even when you've bound the inventory to a different key. It would also be a good idea to tell the player to double-click to use items, that they can move while reading documents, and that they can stop reading by opening the inventory again. (It can be easy for a newbie to forget that they can read and walk at the same time, when the guard is rushing them.)

Also, adding just a little bit of personality to the other two Class-Ds might be nice. Doesn't have to be anything big; I can see something small like this working:

Intercom: "...Please enter the containment chamber."

D-1: [Wordlessly looks back at D-2, ask if to ask, "This seem weird to you, too?"]

D-2: [Answers D-1's gaze with a shrug.]

[The D-Classes look forward and then enter.]

Mods: Sorry if this counts as a necropost. It seems like "the" official thread to post intro suggestions in.