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SCP 513 wrote:I had this idea for a while.

D-9341 sleeps and dreams, in a dream appears SCP-990. He tells to D something, like for example: Wake up, wake up... I am your dream... This is dreamworld... Soon, you will encounter an event you've never seen it before.

A jeep drives and then the other Class-D wakes 9341 and says “Hey, wake up dude! We arrived.“ Then MTF says “D-9341 Move up or you will be terminated.“ Then you begin to control 9341. You walk to Foundation entrance and then to your cell. You. go to bed, a day passes and when it passes and you hear an MTF talking to Class D in other cell and shoots for not listening.And it's the original intro sequence. So? Thoughts?


I've read through the whole discussion and I've got a few ideas.

The game can start off with the player in some sort of location (like an alley or a street or something) with heavy implications that a crime took place and you are running away from it. As you are running, you are being taught basic controls (moving, looking around, crouching, etc.) Quick side note: instead of blatantly telling the player "Use WSAD" to move, you can have a poster or graffiti with the controls on that instead. While running and learning, SCP 990 can be vaguely seen in hidden locations and he's whispering clues about the events that are about to take place. The event will end when the player rounds a corner and is blinded by a police spotlight, in which he then wakes up in the SCP Foundation (this connects to the flash that the player sees when they wake up) and the normal intro plays out.

This is something I've been thinking of before joining the forums, but after reading what's been said, I highly doubt this will be met with praise. I want to say it anyway to get ideas flowing and my thoughts out.

The player is escorted to a random area in the facility where they are given a mop and they have to clean the area. After that is finished the player is escorted to breakfast where they witness a fight between other Class D personnel. Guards standing on balconies gun the two people down and the player is escorted back to his cell, where shortly afterwards the player is then escorted to 173's containment cell and shit hits the fan.

The original idea was to have the player clean 173's cell and then go do other chores around the facility for an entire day, only to wake up the next day and have everything go to hell. I threw that idea out because the general idea is to keep the intro short without needless details.

That's my thoughts, if you wanna expand on them, feel free. If you want to call me an idiot, that's fine too.

I just remembered one more idea I had. When the player is leaving SCP 173's cell, or that room his cell is in, the player is hit by a chunk of ceiling (or something else, I don't know) that got dislodged during the shaking from earlier. To me, this seems like it'll explain why the facility is dark and mostly devoid of life after just previously being bright and full of people in just a couple of minutes.
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