1. Regalis hasn’t ever pulled a Scott Cawthon in his teasers, so there probably aren’t any meanings behind file names or serets in the image itself.

  1. Damn Regalis, SCP-205 actually got me. Just the horned figures attacking the lady and then staring over at the player… ugh. And that’s a pretty neat trick you did with the projector. 😉

    1. I love the stupid excuse.
      “The cycle seems to have sped up.”
      Also, the new 1048 events are really cute. I just feel bad because one of the pictures show 1048 crying before a giant throne with a shadow figure sitting on it. This poor little teddy bear was in the pocket dimension! All he wants is freedom. 1048 is so sad! I still haven’t seen 1048-A, though.

  2. Well Ive been playing watching and testing around in your game SCP Containment Breach since it had just started. Most people call me creative and good with photography and lighting with a source engine game (Gmod) here is one of my works http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/425942461255151549/ADFE7E1C36EAAE917A8BB9D925BD3D8A29AD1508/ I don’t have a good computer so im looking to make money but since i love this game to my heart if you guys want to ask anything with creations (rooms and such) ill be very happy to do it for free! (p.s ill send you more of my steam Gmod photos if you like, and if you do respond please do it through my email)

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