Subsurface v0.1.1

A big thanks for all the feedback I’ve gotten on Subsurface, the amount of work people have been putting on getting the wiki up and of course everyone who’s played the game so far! The couple of multiplayer sessions I’ve taken a part of have been great fun despite all the bugs and other issues.

And speaking of bugs, Subsurface v0.1.1 is now out with a bunch of bugfixes and additions. Mostly stuff related to the multiplayer mode and some item bugfixes/improvements.

I think the next bigger thing I’ll be adding to Subsurface will be an in-game tutorial: I know the game is quite hard to figure out at the moment and I think many of the players haven’t managed to completely understand a large part of the game mechanics yet. I’ll also publish the source code on github as soon as I get around to writing some sort of EULA for it: since I’m planning on eventually putting a price tag on the finished game, I don’t think I should just “toss it out” the way I did with SCP-CB.

And no, I haven’t forgotten about the SCP-[REDACTED] update for SCP-CB. Now that the Subsurface release is out of the way, I think I’ll try to set some time aside to get the update done. The SCPs in the earlier “teaser posts” aren’t the only new thing coming up: Astray488 (the artist formerly known as Mirocaine) has been sending me some other cool stuff as well…



  1. Yay for tutorials! I was stuck on the first emergency for a LONG time.
    More SCPs than just 966? Can we have a teaser?

    1. i can’t play subsurface. cuz i there are much files in the folder. many .exe i don’t know what i have to click.

      please answer -rake

    1. I’m using a multiplatform framework called MonoGame which supports MacOS (+ a bunch of other platforms), so there will be versions for Mac and Linux. The porting should be pretty straight forward, I should just find a Mac to borrow from somewhere and redo the launcher (which uses winforms and is Windows-only)…

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