Barotrauma chat lag and other issues

Apparently the problem with the chat getting unbearably laggy after a few rounds is still there, even though I thought I managed to fix it. After the optimizations done to the networking code I haven’t been able to reproduce it when debugging the game on my machine (even with 10 clients and very high simulated lag and package loss), but it’s definitely still there even though the game may run smoothly for a few more rounds than before…

It seems that it isn’t just a problem with the chat but all the messages that are sent using a reliable delivery method (such as picking up items and damage done to the walls), the chat lag is just the most noticeable effect. I’ll be doing my best to fix it as soon as possible, but in the mean time I guess the best way to work around the bug is to restart the server whenever the lag appears.

The problem with the autoupdater should be fixed now btw, turns out it was a problem in the update servers end and not the launcher itself. Although, I did add proper exception handling to the place where the crashes happened so if there are any similar issues in the future, the launcher will show an error message instead of just crashing.



  1. Harpoons is not enough on the ship.
    Are u planning to add some self-defence things like knifes or etc for casual crewmen?
    And one more thing.
    Are you planning to make stations again in not nearest future?

    1. I definitely need to add more harpoons and all kinds of items in general to both of the subs, atm there’s nowhere near enough supplies for a crew of >5 players. Some more self-defence items are obviously needed as well. Stations might be added in future versions too.

  2. I was messing around in sandbox on the Vellamo, and I made it through to a city, but I used up 3 railgun shells on a moloch. Would it be possible to add railgun shells to the store panel, so I can restock?

    1. I hadn’t even noticed that railgun shells can’t be bought, even though they definitely should, thanks for mentioning it! Will be fixed in the next update, but in the meantime if you want to fix it yourself you could add price=”something” to the railgun shell config in Content/Items/Weapons/railgun.xml

  3. Hey man, not really related to the blog post but I’m a submariner in the US Navy. Obviously can’t divulge all the inner workings of a submarine, but if you have any questions about the way things generally work and/or want to add a layer of realism to certain aspects, feel free to shoot me an email.

  4. Hey friendlydev, This and all your other games are fantastic, please give hand held items their own button, also add a (weak) form of defence for the crewmen who aren’t security.
    Cabins should all have at least a wire in them as well but that’s just engineering complaints.

  5. Please add voting options and stuff that would be needed to let a server admin run the server without constantly needing to babysit it, especially on Quest gamemode (vote to restart round). I think this would get a lot more players in, since most of the time they’re aren’t any public servers.

  6. Please add an admin option to ban someone from the server. I need it, as this one guy keeps on intentionally crashing the server by shooting glass with a harpoon.

    1. Already implemented and will be included in the next patch! As a side note, do you mean that he actually crashes the server or just ruins the game for everyone? If the former and you’re the one who’s hosting, could you send me the crash report?

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