Barotrauma v0.3

The new version is up now! The changes to the way the game handles moving the submarine “under the hood” were definitely the the biggest and most time-consuming change in this update, and unfortunately it isn’t something that’s visible for the players (at least until underwater ruins and shipwrecks are added). There’s still quite a lot of other additions and a huge amount of bugfixes in the update, as seen in the changelog.

Here’s some gameplay footage that shows some of the new stuff:



  1. Ever since the fire update, the game won’t boot up at all. Launcher freezes upon clicking start, explorer freezes until the window is closed when trying to launch the executable directly. Running Windows 10. Any ideas on how to fix it?

    1. If there will be the option to have multiple subs in the same level in future versions, there would definitely be AI-controlled enemy subs. It’s still a big “if” though, since it’s a very time-consuming feature to add because there are tons of systems in the game that work under the assumption that there’s only one sub. But we’ll see…

  2. The UNnP thing used to work for me, but now when I try to connect to my server, it says connection was lost with the remote host.

  3. Okay, could I ask you a question? I ended up manually port forwarding on my router, UDP, 14242, with my IPV4, yet still whenever I try to connect to my server, it says ‘no response from remote host’. What is doing this?

    1. I haven’t done any changes to the way the game connects to servers or uses UPnP since v0.2, or heard of anyone else suddenly getting these problems after v0.3, so I’m guessing it’s caused by something in your PC or router. Are you able to connect other servers? Could your antivirus be blocking the connections?

  4. Hi there I found cool command called: Control-[name].
    When I started writing I’m think to type the crawler. When I done writing I played as crawler and I get shocked. Then I spawned crawler in submarine and I tried to attack some bots but…
    I tried click all buttons but it didn’t attack… And I got new idea: How about to make dead players as creatures ?

    What do you think ? Reply plz :)

  5. ‘Content/Items/connectionpanel.png’ is missing from the linux version, which causes it to crash whenever you try to open the content panel, unless you manually copy the missing file from the windows download. The linux version is also outdated (3.1.2) which makes it impossible to play on 3.1.5 servers and I couldn’t find any way to update it.

    I’d be much appreciated if you could fix these bugs.

  6. Thanks for the quick patch.
    When I was playing the 3.2.2 version the windows players got an artifact mission, and the linux ones got a deep sea beast one. Additionally people running linux could not see the sprites of one of the creatures that game.

  7. I need some help, I installed this game but it says i need .NET Framework V4.0.3019
    I Used Lidrgen.Network but it wont work same as .NET -||-
    Reply please.

  8. Uhh. UPnP forwarding was working, but it says no response from remote host? Undertow Games! I ask you to fix that issue, please. I hosted servers before, and everything was good. Please ! Reply me, and fix that bad issue. :/ as i can’t stop playing in your perfect game.

    1. Are you sure the problem is not at your end, some changes in router/firewall/port settings for example? Have you tried forwarding the port manually (instructions on the main Barotrauma page)?

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