Multiplayer screenshots

During the past few weeks Barotrauma has gotten a nice surge of new players, and I’d like to thank all of you for all the feedback, ideas, bug/crash reports and of course the fun multiplayer sessions I’ve taken part in. I though I’d also share some random pics from the /vg/ threads:



  1. I’ve got question about photo that have creatures. You forgot scorpion… I’m know its early test creature but how about to update him ? I love scorpion so much plz update him :(

    PS: How about to dead players play as monsters ?

    1. Actually I didn’t make that picture, I picked all of these from a thread on 4chan. But yeah updating the scorpions might be a good idea, it would just take some minor improvements to the sprite and we’d have a proper new monster.

      A game mode where players can control monsters or letting spectators/dead players control them has been suggested a lot and will very likely be added in the future!

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