1. 100% this if from NTF mod! I can recognize all of this. But as always, Regalis will change it, will change it to the best form!

      1. It is because MAV’s right? Well.. v0.2 will be stable (for me it is works without MAV when I test it) and we will murder you

        1. The guns don’t have much use and the rooms added are mostly bare, making them look worse than they already are. I have never gotten a MAV in the newest update while playing the mod.

          1. Rooms a bare? What are you talking about? Room with tunnels? We will remake this room. And maybe in the other rooms we will add some items or monitors

            1. One of the ‘rooms’ I was thinking of was the hallways in the intro. You don’t have to add any props to it (infact I advise you don’t), just put in some wires/pipes or unique lighting to make it look natural.

              How I see it, there’s more to making a room more lively than throwing in some props.

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