Two clips of a little addition to Subsurface:

As you can probably see, it’s still a work in progress, but already pretty fun to play around with.

Also, if any of you are wondering about the release date SCP – Containment Breach v1.1; the release of Containment Breach – Run has unfortunately been pushed back a little and as the plan is to release v1.1 along with it, it will still be a while before it’s out.



    1. Possibly some time next month if everything goes well with the filming. Although, if it starts to seem that the film will take much longer than that, there’s always the possibility of releasing the update before the film.

  1. Give me an estimate. Do you think that Subsurface will be available to the public by 2016? Or will it be after 2016?

    1. The first alpha version will definitely be out before 2016. The game is already somewhat playable (we’ve even managed to have a couple of online multiplayer sessions with a some of my friends), although there isn’t much to do in it at the moment. I’m pretty confident that the first alpha release will be ready for release some time in the summer.

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