Wiring and signal processing

Subsurface now has wiring and signal processing mechanics similar to the ones in Space Station 13. For those of you who aren’t familiar with SS13, think redstone in Minecraft. Basically different constructions/items can send various signals through wires to other constructions, and with some logic gates and other components you can built pretty complicated contraptions.

Here’s a clip of connecting a button to a door – I think I’ve managed to make the system a little more intuitive than in SS13:


You just have to equip a screwdriver to open the “connection panel” of the item, and then equip a wire and drag it to the connection of your choosing. In this case “signal_out”-connection of the button, which just sends out “1” when someone pushes the button, and “toggle”-connection of the door which toggles the state of the door whenever it receives a signal.

At the moment there aren’t that many components to use in the contraptions, just basic logic gates (and, or, not), but at least the following are to be added soon:

  • “signal comparer”: sends out “1” if it receives a signal matching to some user-determined string
  • “voice processor”: whenever someone says something in the vicinity of the component, it sends out what the person said as a string
  • “speaker”: reads the input it receives out loud (not using a speech synthesizer though, the message just appears in the chat box at the lower right corner of the screen)
  • “wifi component”: sends out the signal it receives through an user-determined a wifi channel – can be used to send data remotely
  • probably something similar to the RegEx components in SS13 in case you need to analyze an incoming signal in a more complicated way
  • obviously something that can be used to do some damage – maybe a detonator which can be connected to whatever explosives you have available

So, what can you do with these? Here’s some ideas:

  • a system which only allows a door between an airlock and the facility to be opened if the airlock is free of water, and prevents either of the doors to be opened if the other door is open
  • a voice prosessor in a command room, which shuts down every door in the facility if it hears someone saying “SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING”, or some secret phrase set by the captain
  • a system which analyzes air quality through the facility and isolates sections that are running low on oxygen
  • shutting down non-vital devices/systems if running low on power
  • functional computers (I’ll be disappointed if we won’t see anyone build a tic-tac-toe game inside Subsurface)
  • a number of detonators and explosives hidden throughout the facility, connected to wifi components and signal comparers allowing the detonators to be activated remotely using some secret phrase – or the moment any of the players says “lol” in the vicinity of a voice processor

Some men women just want to watch the world burn drown



  1. This game is looking awesome! It’s gonna be way more in-depth (Get it?) than I initially thought! I can’t wait for it to come out! You can bet a million bucks that I’ll be playing Tic-Tac-Toe in Subsurface! Also, I will put a voice processor in every room that will lock down the room and blow it up every time someone says “Mutiny” or “Down with the captain.”
    On a related note, you should add a feature where crew members can overthrow you if you do a poor job.

    1. Overthrowing the captain is already possible in the multiplayer mode; just kill him, take his gear and let everyone know that you’re the new captain. Although, it’s up to the other players whether they’ll accept that or start a rebellion. But if you’re clever enough, you could hide some bombs before killing the captain and announce that you’ll kill everyone in the station if the crew doesn’t respect your authority as the new captain.

      I’m not sure how this would work in the single player mode though since you’re essentially controlling everyone in the crew (the character you’re controlling can be switched at will).

  2. Regalis11. Read this:

    – TheJonttu:
    Is there anything news about SCP run? Regalis said, he releases 1.1 at the same time as the SCP run.
    – Lotism:
    I’ve been getting asked this a lot, so I am releasing an update video to explain where we are in the development process and such, as well as releasing some new details on the project.
    As for whether Regalis is still going to wait to release 1.1 alongside Run, I don’t know, as I do not want him to be forced to wait a bit longer. That’ll be something he’ll have to address.

    Here is link for that text and forum:

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