Lighting improvements

Some small improvements to lighting in Barotrauma: added a bit of blur on the lightmap and changed the rendering order so that the walls aren’t full-bright anymore. I was really surprised to see how much better it looks with just those small changes:

barol1 barol2 barol3

The second picture also shows a small portion of another new addition: there are now procedurally generated alien ruins in the levels, with traps, new monsters and new alien items inside them. Artifact quests will definitely be more interesting now!



    1. Könnte wahrscheinlich Ihre Anti-Viren sagen das Spiel ist ein Risiko. Ignoriere es einfach.
      (Übersetzt von Google Translate )

  1. These pictures remind me of SCP-106’s pocket dimension. I don’t know why, but I think its cause of the dark eerie atmosphere in the pictures, especially in the ocean within the alien ruins

    1. Sorry but no, still haven’t gotten around to redoing the scorpion sprite… That’s actually an device salvaged from alien ruins.

  2. And how about to add captain’s revolver. I’m think what a lot of captain’s will gonna love it. And how about to give traitors uplink like in SS13 ? I’m know…. But how about to add it in new versions ?

    PS. Waiting for your answer.
    PPS. Escape pods and vessels will come soon ?

    1. Revolvers wouldn’t be that different from harpoon guns (at least now when it’s possible to hide a harpoon in your inventory), but it’d be such an easy thing to add that I don’t see why not. I’m not sure about uplink though, I think it might be better if the traitors had to steal/fabricate the items they need instead of having the ability to magically teleport them inside the sub.

      Escape pods and vessels will still take more time to implement; I’ll have to do quite a bit of changes to make it possible to have multiple movable structures in the same level.

  3. One of the best updates so far, the alien ruins are so fun to explore! Me and my friends are having so much fun playing
    great work :)

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