SCP-CB’s 4th anniversary!

It’s been four years since the release of the first alpha version of SCP – Containment Breach, so I decided to make a little montage of the progress of the game. A big thank you to everyone who’s played the game during the years, all the people who’ve helped with the development and everyone else who’s been following and supporting the project!

As some of you may notice from the last few clips in the video, there’s some new stuff coming up: the developers of the Nine Tailed Fox Mod (ENDSHN and Vane Brain from Third Subdivision Team) have been working on a new update for the game for some time now (with some collaboration by me). The update will introduce a couple of new SCPs and expand the role of some of the existing SCPs, and also include a ton of bugfixes, optimization and some visual improvements (some of which can be seen in the video)!



  1. Glad to hear about the update. I know you’ve been wanting to move on, but remember this game (and SCP-087-B) as positive history toward where you’re heading. <3 (SCP-087-B, for it's simplicity, was still fun. :) )

  2. Holy shit, it’s been 4 years…
    I remember playing it for the first time about 2 weeks after its release when a friend showed it to me and I’ve been absolutely in love with the game since then. Congrats Regalis, you really worked hard, and it shows. Containment Breach is an outstanding game and you really made an impact in the horror genre. SCP is my favorite horror game and it’s what got me interested in the SCP Foundation in the first place. Here. Have a cookie
    *gives cookie*

  3. I love this game, just, better than most of popular shit games, like Outlast, etc. I hope they will able to fix all bugs, especially ridicilous mistake in zone’s name (Light *Cointainment* Zone, i guess it contains coins ). I saw light improvements, and few other stuff. Thanks Regalis! I hope you will get a lot of paybacks and popularity once. Also i hope you will place this game in steam, FOR FREE, but it will be in steam, it will make game popular and it will populate SCP Themathick.

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