Release date for SCP-CB v1.1

SCP – Containment Breach v1.1 will be released next Friday (May 15th)!

Originally the plan was to release the update alongside Containment Breach: Run, a short horror film being created by Lotims Inc. Unfortunately everything hasn’t gone as smoothly as we hoped with the filming and the release date for both the update and the film has been delayed quite a bit. Watch the following video where Gage Allen, the director of the film, explains what’s been going on with the film and where they’re at now:

So, we’re not far from the finish line but the project will still take some time. If you want to help with getting the last bits of the film done, please consider donating to Lotims’ Patreon campaign.

Anyhow, since version 1.1 has been basically ready for release for several months and it’ll still be a little while before the film is out, it doesn’t make that much sense to keep everyone waiting. The update will be released on Friday next week!

To be honest, I’m a little worried that after such a long wait some of you will be disappointed with the amount of new stuff in the update. Please keep in mind that even though it’s been almost six months since the last update, I haven’t spent all this time working on SCP-CB. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve started putting more focus on other projects and for the past few months I haven’t really done anything with SCP-CB.

There will be some cool stuff in the update nevertheless, including a new difficulty system and a lot of stuff from the Box of Horrors mod (some of which has been expanded quite a bit!).



  1. When I was going through CB’s files, I found an image called sneakicon.png. What is it? Will it be in 1.1, or was it just a feature that was never implemented?

  2. This new version felt amazing, it had lots of new stuff. But it was completely UNPLAYABLE due to the frequent MAVs I tried different stuff, but they did not stop coming. Was very excited, but the MAVs were more frequent in this update. Good work tho.

  3. Holy crap that was awesome! I’ve been playing since 0.1, so it’s hard to surprise me. What you did with SCP-1123 was ABSOLUTELY GENIUS! You deserve all of the praise in the world for that! I applaud you! Also, I successfully recontained SCP-173! I tried for hours in the past to have the MTF do it, but they always completely ignored him! Recontaining him actually worked! The new difficulty system is absolutely genius, but I found a glitch with the Euclid mode. If you save at a monitor, as long as the text doesn’t fade away, you can save anywhere. If you quickly left the screen and saved every second, it would work, but as soon as the “Game saved” message fades, it won’t work. Seriously, though, you are incredible! This update blew me away, especially achievements, difficulties, MTF AI tweaking, and 1123. Oh, before I forget, the new room in the Pocket Dimension actually horrified me. I think I understand it, though. Staring at the eye causes blood loss, but you can block it with various objects. Also. when I tried to reach the end and fall down the pit to leave, it didn’t trigger for whatever reason and I was stuck in the hole. I was forced to quit. That annoyed me. Still, AMAZING update!

  4. I’m really sad because not all of box of horror’s scp added to game but update is update so i walkthrough the game again ๐Ÿ˜€ and what about multiplayer in game ? i hope the multyplayer mode is goint to add to the game in the future

  5. Iโ€™m really sad because not all of box of horrorโ€™s scp added to game but update is update so i walkthrough the game again ๐Ÿ˜€ and what about multiplayer in game ? i hope the multyplayer mode is goint to add to the game in the future

  6. I saw 096 in the Maintenance Tunnels next to the NVG. Is that a glitch? I know that NPCs occasionally fall through the floor. Then again, the tunnels are above the rest of the map, so I’m assuming that it was intentional. I wonder if that’s a coincidence or not. Now 096, 173, 106, and 049 (Once you release him) can appear in the Maintenance Tunnels. Aren’t those the 4 that will be in Run?

  7. I found a weird glitch where the guards in the Gate A ending will either do nothing or completely ignore you and walk past you until reaching a certain point before stopping and then continuing the ending. Sometimes the dialogue cuts out when this happens.

  8. I was thinking that each room could be changed to have an extra floor below it to catch you when you fall through the floor, and there will be a staircase at every door that brings you back up to ground level. Falling through the floor problem solved. Give me my Nobel Prize (Yes, I know that that would use up a ridiculous amount of memory, but I’m sure that juanjpro will find a way to make it work).

  9. From experience I can tell you that when a developer starts to work on other projects and less on the one which gained popularity; it means he is pretty much going to ditch it. I have observed many developers act the same way over the years. So do not get your hopes up for the future of SCP, because the developer has given up. He will update it a few more times yes, but he wont stick with it, you’ll see!

    1. Well, I obviously won’t be working on SCP-CB indefinitely. It’s been a hobby project I’ve been doing for fun with basically no monetary compensation, and after over three years of development the fun aspect has started to diminish. The fact that the code is an enormous buggy mess which was never designed to support a game of this size and barely works at this stage, or that it’s running on an ancient engine using DirectX 7 isn’t very motivating either.

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