Some new pics

Since the last update I’ve been mostly working on changing how the game handles moving the submarine which is why there hasn’t been much to show. In the current version the levels actually move around the submarine while the sub itself is stationary, which makes it really difficult to have multiple submarines in the same level, or any structures outside the sub for that matter. Even though a game mode with multiple subs isn’t on my to-do list at the moment (maybe at some point in the future though), some sort of explorable underwater structures (sunken subs, alien ruins…?) are a must, so I needed another way of moving the submarine.

How it works now is that neither the submarine or the level actually move: instead there’s an invisible submarine-shaped physics object moving around the level and the insides of the ship are just rendered wherever that object is.

Here are a couple of screenshots of some other additions:


Some UI improvements


Items and devices are grouped by category and the fabricators actually work now


Nicer looking levels and a new enemy


The crew members now have an AI and can take orders from the player



  1. Hi there I’m see you making big update !
    I want to wish you goodluck with that.
    And ask you a little question: Will you add Vehicle in game ?
    Like in SS13 There have Pods. But you cant control it. I’m know its take a lot of time but… I think people gonna like it. I’m know you’re not listening any Ideas :( . But I want to get reply from you because I’m big fan :)

    1. It’s possible that there will be some sort of vehicles (in addition to the submarine(s)) in future updates. Part of the reason I changed the submarine movement logic mentioned in this post was that it would allow having multiple subs in the same level, but it also makes it much easier to add other kinds of vehicles, like escape vessels/pods or maybe some sort of small attack vehicles equipped with a machine gun or something. :)

    1. Atm it’s called “end worm”, although the name doesn’t actually appear in any of the in-game texts (see the first pic for example). If anyone has any other suggestions I’m all ears!

        1. Nope, you can get materials either by buying them or breaking down items in a deconstructor. For instance, if you need some extra railgun shells mid-round, you could sacrifice some spears and fuel tanks for steel.

          It’s also possible to fabricate some items that can’t be obtained otherwise. The alien artifacts for example contain some exotic materials that can be used for making things like batteries that slowly recharge by themselves or more effective protective gear.

            1. Well, I don’t think mining will be a feature. In my opinion a much more interesting way to get materials would be having shipwrecks, alien ruins and other explorable structures in the levels, where you could find some items that you could use as raw materials.

  2. Hi there ! I’ve got one question can I spawn any creature where I want ? I tried spawn scorpion but I didn’t found him I enabled freecamera command but I still nothing… :(
    Can you add in future update spawning system ? Just like spawn mantis in submarine or crawlers to play with friends. Will you reply ?


    1. At the moment it’s not possible to choose where the creatures spawn, they’re just randomly placed at one of the waypoints in the level. Not sure why you couldn’t find the scorpion, but it might’ve just spawned at some far-away position that you didn’t check.

      Being able to affect the spawn position would definitely be useful, I think I’ll add it for the next update. Another thing that probably should be added is syncing the spawned characters between the server and the clients. Currently anything the server host spawns through the console won’t be visible to the clients.

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