1. the current beneath the surface of a body of water, moving in a direction different from that of the surface current.
  2. an underlying current, force, or tendency that is in opposition to what is apparent
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Undertow Games is an independent game studio comprised of a single developer, assisted by a loosely organized bunch of artists, programmers and other talents ranging from hobbyists to professionals.

The studio was officially launched in 2014 by a Finnish game developer Joonas Rikkonen (“Regalis”) following the success of his first major game project SCP – Containment Breach.


Latest blog posts:

A beginner’s guide to injecting mind-controlling parasites into people

Step one:

Make sure you’ve been infected with the husk parasite. The most common way to get infected is an encounter with an active husk, but some well-equipped laboratories and research facilities may also house dormant husk eggs.


Step two:

Once infected, you may have trouble swallowing and your throat may feel sore. It is generally not a good idea to tell your fellow crew members about these symptoms, as it would most likely lead to a medical inspection and a dose of antiparasitic drugs. As the parasite grows, you may also find it hard or impossible to speak. If so, try to stay away from other people to prevent arousing suspicion.

Step three:

When the parasite reaches maturity, it extends its ovipositor out of your throat. The feeling may be somewhat unpleasant. At this stage it is highly recommended to wear a diving mask or other headgear to hide the ovipositor from the rest of the crew.

The parasite will slowly start taking over your entire nervous system, but this process can be delayed by working together with the parasite by spreading eggs into new hosts. Just find a suitable target and gently insert the ovipositor into one of their body cavities.