Monthly Archives: May 2015

Internship & new Subsurface footage

A small update on what I’ve been up to lately in addition to SCP-CB v1.1:

The Computer Sciences degree I’m currently doing involves three 10-week internship periods and last week I started doing this years internship at a cool little game startup called FakeFish. They’re working on a game called Northbound, a really interesting story-driven RPG game based on the Finnish national epic Kalevala. Expect adventures in the northern wilderness, puzzles, tactical combat and exploring the Finnish folklore that ranges from comfy to horrifying and from odd to batshit insane.

Subsurface is also progressing nicely: it’s gradually starting feel more like an actual game and the multiplayer is now working well enough that I’ve managed to run a couple of online multiplayer sessions with a handful of players. Anyway, here’s a clip of what the game looks like at the moment:

As for when you’ll get to play it: I’m hoping on releasing the first public alpha version of Subsurface in one or two months from now.


Release date for SCP-CB v1.1

SCP – Containment Breach v1.1 will be released next Friday (May 15th)!

Originally the plan was to release the update alongside Containment Breach: Run, a short horror film being created by Lotims Inc. Unfortunately everything hasn’t gone as smoothly as we hoped with the filming and the release date for both the update and the film has been delayed quite a bit. Watch the following video where Gage Allen, the director of the film, explains what’s been going on with the film and where they’re at now:

So, we’re not far from the finish line but the project will still take some time. If you want to help with getting the last bits of the film done, please consider donating to Lotims’ Patreon campaign.

Anyhow, since version 1.1 has been basically ready for release for several months and it’ll still be a little while before the film is out, it doesn’t make that much sense to keep everyone waiting. The update will be released on Friday next week!

To be honest, I’m a little worried that after such a long wait some of you will be disappointed with the amount of new stuff in the update. Please keep in mind that even though it’s been almost six months since the last update, I haven’t spent all this time working on SCP-CB. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve started putting more focus on other projects and for the past few months I haven’t really done anything with SCP-CB.

There will be some cool stuff in the update nevertheless, including a new difficulty system and a lot of stuff from the Box of Horrors mod (some of which has been expanded quite a bit!).