Game Connection Europe 2018 Development Awards

Hello everyone! We’ve got some good news, Barotrauma has been nominated for Game Connection Europe 2018 Development Awards in multiple categories. If you want to help us win the People’s Choice Award please give us a like here:




  1. Well, since I’m here, I’ve got two questions.
    1. Will the VOIP feature have an option to talk at a different volume (whisper, standard, yell), allowing for people to hear you at different ranges?
    2. Will radios have changeable and/or exclusive channels?

    Back when I played Arma 2 with a lot of extra sim mods, features like these were very useful, especially in PVP events where you don’t want the enemy to hear you (with traitor, there’s a lot of that in Barotrauma!). Same goes for radio chatter.

    1. 1. I think this would be a nice feature to have, and IMO if it was implemented it should be usable in the text chat as well. We’ll see!
      2. This is on our todo list, basically the functionality is already in but we still need to add some kind of interface for changing the radio channel.

      1. Thanks for the response. You already partially do have VOIP text implemented, if I understand correctly, with the system where text chat is broken with hyphens to stimulate inaudible conversation. You could make it so that text chat color changes based on volume, like with the radio. So red, for example, is a yell, neutral standard color is standard volume and purple is whisper.

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