Halloween update

Not long until the (traditional?) SCP-CB halloween update! We’ve got plenty of neat little additions coming; here’s a little sneak peek of something that some of you might recognize…





  1. Yep. This is from Box of Horrors. There is a corpse infected with the SCP-049 thing seated at the dark corner of the right.

  2. i think this is the medical bay. i heard about it before 1.1, but it never got released. and what’s with the dead scientist?

  3. When does 1.3.4 will come out? 1.3.3 is very buggy , so i’m playing 1.3.2. Also, do you guys think on putting 087 in the game? It is the most famous SCP before 173 and i think it deserves to be in the game.
    Another suggestion is to put 701 in the games, it would be awesome!

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